We deliver communication tools that reflect the natural habits of healthcare professionals and patients

Powerful Workflow Enhancements

Streamline your communications with added functionality.

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Data Access

Leverage your EHR to positively identify patients and share medical record summaries.

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On-Call Schedules

Manage schedules in line with your provider directory and share access.

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Capture notes, codes, and attachments to transmit back to the EHR.

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Utilize text, voice and video to collaborate with doctors, nurses, administrators, patients and caretakers in real time

One Powerful Solution

Diagnotes is an easy-to-use, comprehensive
communications platform solution that streamlines workflow, increases communications efficiencies, and reduces medical errors.

  • Integrates with EMRs
  • Identifies on-call doctors
  • Facilitates real-time communication
  • Identifies patient of record
  • Reduces risk of medical errors
  • Enhances workflow efficiencies
  • Decreases re-admittance rates
  • Increases patient and staff satisfaction
  • Facilitates a more seamless referral process

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Text and photo messaging easy for all.


Talk with the right people at the right time.


Live video chat when and where you need it.

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People are talking, and
they love Diagnotes

Quality Improvement Nurse
Home Healthcare Agency

“If you put Diagnotes in the hands of clinicians, they will do amazing things with it.”

Mike Fletcher, MD, MBA, FHM, FACP
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Hancock Health

“It has been nice to connect with a therapist inside of the hospital instead of spending 30 minutes tracking them down. I have confirmation that someone has seen my message about the patient.”

-Krista Thornberry, NP
Brentwood Springs

“The Diagnotes solution was simple, intuitive and, best of all, HIPAA-compliant.”

Portia Frecker, Director of Operations
Cancer Care Group

“The Diagnotes platform will allow us to communicate as other 21st century businesses do in a compliant and trackable manner.”

Dr. Todd Rowland, SVP & CIO
Tidelands Health

“Not only does Diagnotes expedite communication, but it does so securely. This allows us to focus on our patients and not waste valuable patient-care time tracking down our colleagues for information and consults.”

Dr. Angela Blum, MD & Pediatric Dept. Head
Major Health Partners