Rural healthcare challenges and solutions: Access to care, behavioral health, patient transfers

Rural Healthcare Challenges and Solutions

What's in the report?

Rural health systems are finding solutions. Find out how rural hospitals make healthcare more accessible, extend the reach of behavioral health providers, and reduce the number of unnecessary patient transfers.

What is Diagnotes?

Headquartered in Indiana, Diagnotes is the one secure messaging provider that understands the unique challenges of rural health systems. The CMO of a leading rural health system said, “Because we use Diagnotes for both inpatient and outpatient virtual visits, our patients get the care they need safely and efficiently."

Designed in collaboration with actual clinicians, Diagnotes is a healthcare-specific platform that goes beyond basic texting. In addition to providing secure texting and telehealth for both care teams and patients, we deliver a virtual workspace that brings together both internal and outside providers to collaborate across units and disciplines.

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