Care Team Collaboration and Communication in Times of Crisis

Care Team Collaboration and Communication in Times of Crisis

On Wednesday, April 15, Dave Wortman, CEO of Diagnotes, participated alongside Todd Saxton (IU Kelley School of Business), Mike Fletcher (Hancock) and Joy Lee (Regenstrief), in a webinar concerning the strategies and tools for virtual care team coordination and...

Care Team Collaboration and Communication in Times of Crisis

Diagnotes is Helping Health Systems Address the Coronavirus Crisis

As the US COVID-19 crisis grows, several health systems in Indiana are using the sophisticated healthcare collaboration and telehealth features of Diagnotes to facilitate the screening and treatment of patients and reduce the risk of spreading the virus or exposing...

intrepidNOW: Care Giving with Dave Wortman

intrepidNOW: Care Giving with Dave Wortman

TODAYS GUEST  Dave Wortman, CEO, Diagnotes We are pleased to continue our series on Care Giving with another great conversation, this time on care giver communications with Dave. Specifically, we discussed the following with Dave: (2:53) What drove the development of...

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1. ADTs over HTTPS

Critical to the overall adoption and success of Diagnotes, ADTs provide the foundation for a wide variety of patient-centric capabilities and use cases. Upon patient admission, Diagnotes automatically creates a unique channel of communication for that patient. Within this channel providers and staff can communicate and coordinate care for the patient, utilizing messages and images and other attachments to collaborate and keep everyone informed.

Care service teams can also monitor a set of patients associated with their own team channels, allowing them to be notified of events, orders, or any other communications related to the patient.

Communication and collaboration, using text, voice, and video, can also be extended to patients and caregivers. Establishing the patient of record, and the registration of the patient and his or her representatives, relies heavily on the data received from ADTs.

2. ORMs and ORUs over HTTPS

Notifications regarding orders and results from the EHR are posted in the associated patient’s channel. Providers and teams that are monitoring the patient are then notified via Diagnotes primary and backup notifications. Further, if an on-call schedule has been configured for the team, the on-call providers are notified of the order.

3. CCDs over HTTPS

View historical discharge and other clinical summary information for a patient directly in the patient’s channel within Diagnotes.

4. TLS-encrypted SMTP and WCTP

Route external pages and other notifications through Diagnotes using widely available messaging protocols. Email messages from other systems can target individual users, on-call schedules, team channels, or patient channels. The contents of the email are included in the Diagnotes message, as well as up to 5 email attachments. This capability supports an easy transition from pagers whose address is an email address (e.g. ); simply substitute a user’s unique Diagnotes email address for their pager email address.

With WCTP integration, pages from external paging systems can be sent to Diagnotes, resulting in primary and backup notifications being sent to the intended user per their own

5. Export text and PDF over SFTP

End user in mind and has significant impact on user adoption, productivity, revenue, compliance, risk management, provider experience and patient engagement.

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