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The only team-based healthcare productivity suite that intuitively mirrors the way healthcare organizations and clinical professionals work


The only team-based healthcare productivity suite that intuitively mirrors the way healthcare organizations and clinical professionals work

The Right Platform

Diagnotes integrates with existing EHRs, portals, call centers, paging and dispatch systems, lab and image solutions to support optimal workflow management and hospital teams’ communication. Clinicians deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time.

By subscribing to a single collaboration platform designed specifically for healthcare providers, organizations using Diagnotes can focus on patient satisfaction, assured they are at the forefront of healthcare communication with visionary design and ongoing feature upgrades and additions.


The Right Approach

Diagnotes centralizes information and automates workflows into a secure and HIPAA-compliant communication hub that can be accessed from desktop and mobile devices. Diagnotes' user interface offers intuitive design to accelerate adoption and improve efficiency.

The Right Product

Diagnotes Rooms reflect team-based healthcare workflow in a virtual space. Rooms allow groups of users to share information about a patient or topic with the immediacy and fluidity that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency. Users may come and go from Rooms as needed, receive notifications based on tagging, and customize their notification settings for each Room. And because Rooms are ongoing, forum-based communication threads, all relevant information including detailed history is in one location.

Diagnotes Rooms

Use Rooms to reflect the current patient-centric and team-based healthcare workflow in a virtual space.

Rooms are the ultimate collaboration space and allow groups of users to share pertinent information about a patient or topic.

Team Rooms

Team Rooms—virtual collaboration workspaces by department, specialty, floor, schedule, etc.—can be open to all Diagnotes users or include select invitees only.

Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms—virtual spaces that allow multiple teams to collaborate for enhanced patient care—are automatically created, linked to the EHR upon patient admittance, and populated by appropriate team members. Data such as ADTs, orders, lab results, and more move directly to the Patient Room, with notifications to relevant Room members.

Diagnotes Messages

Text, voice, photo, and video for quick private communications

Comparable to text messages on a mobile device or an instant message via a browser app, Diagnotes Messages are completely secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Diagnotes Schedules

Live, real-time schedules for quick contact with on-call clinicians

Schedules created in Diagnotes or imported from a scheduling system highlight users on-call, helping healthcare professionals respond to emergencies and treat patients faster and more efficiently. On-call schedules linked to Team Rooms enable fast and easy notification of the most appropriate member. 


Diagnotes Virtual Visits

Telehealth capabilities for patient appointments or clinician consults

With the Diagnotes for Patients app or via a one-time invitation, physicians can host virtual patient appointments and communicate with clinical staff remotely and securely. Telehealth technology also allows on-call and consulting clinicians to collaborate along the patient’s care journey.

Diagnotes Connect

Secure, trusted connections with partners and affiliates

Diagnotes Connect facilitates referrals so patient transfers are smoother with decreased risk of miscommunication. Connect also supports quick consults and best-practice sharing day-to-day or during times of crisis.

Diagnotes Extend

Communication with anyone in a patient’s care journey

Extend enables clinicians outside of Diagnotes to initiate communication with a Diagnotes user or Room. The pair may continue a conversation by a provided phone number or an app-less video chat.

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