Secure clinical
messaging system

Diagnotes goes beyond the basic text platform to deliver a simple, smart virtual workspace that facilitates collaboration across units and disciplines.

Increase patient engagement with telehealth

Easily deliver telehealth by secure video, text, or voice with patients and caregivers. Optimize Hospital at Home programs. Facilitate provider-to-provider collaboration with real-time video.

Accelerate patient care

Health systems are looking to accelerate crucial elements of patient care including consult orders, transfers, and handoffs. Our virtual workspace technology enables teams to work together in real time.

A major academic health system achieved 89% faster on-call consults with Diagnotes.

Streamline clinical communication

Bi-directional communication and schedule coordination in real time eliminates lost or delayed messages across shifts and locations. Diagnotes replaces legacy pager systems and “page and pray” phone tag.

A health system saved over $700K when they switched from pagers to Diagnotes.

Empower care team collaboration

With Diagnotes, your care teams use our virtual room technology to check in as needed on group discussions, work with both internal and external providers, and share key data. Virtual rooms are created by the care teams themselves, so they mirror how healthcare workflow actually happens.

Full security and integration

We integrate with your current EHR, call center and on-call systems, and help you easily connect with your partner organizations. And Diagnotes is HIPAA compliant and secure: we are hosted on cloud-based Amazon Web Services, with blockchain technology for added data integrity.