Accelerate patient

Accelerate patient

Diagnotes optimizes the entire patient journey, enhancing care coordination and increasing clinician and patient satisfaction.

Improve clinical outcomes

Diagnotes has a positive impact on workflows that require care teams to work across units or disciplines in order to facilitate patient care. These workflows include: Admission, Discharge Transfer, OR, ER, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Radiology.

Shortened response times and better communication expedites treatment decisions and initiation, reducing medical errors and decreasing readmittance rates.

Seamless patient transitions

Efficient care and direct communication channels give patients immediate access to referred physicians, preventing revenue leakage. Seamless patient transition supports better care and reduced readmittance rates.

Enhance clinician experience

The care team learning curve is minimal, because Diagnotes looks and feels like a familiar smart phone app. And automated workflows and customized alert filtering reduce time and stress.

Diagnotes at a glance

Diagnotes is a messaging platform for health systems that goes beyond secure texting. Our mobile platform accelerates clinical communication and gives your care teams the power to collaborate seamlessly in real time.

  • HIPAA compliant, hosted on AWS
  • EHR and scheduling integration
  • Bi-directional messaging in real time reduces delays and errors
  • Simple, smart mobile workspace optimizes collaboration with both internal and external teams
  • Baked-in telehealth for patient engagement with or without apps
  • Automatic filtering of unnecessary notifications, reducing clinician burnout
  • Developed by and for clinicians

Academic health system achieves 89% faster consults using mobile platform

Learn how a leading health system used Diagnotes to accelerate care and improve patient outcomes