Is it time to toss the pager?

Pitch the pager

Due to increasing security risks and leaks of patient data and healthcare records, pager replacement and pager elimination are increasingly important priorities for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. According to a recent study, 90% of hospitals surveyed are making significant enterprise-wide investments in smartphones and secure mobile communications platforms to drive clinical transformation and address the mission- and patient-critical communications requirements of clinical and non-clinical professionals within the hospital and across the care continuum.

 The benefits of pager replacement with a secure healthcare communications solution like Diagnotes.

  • Security Upgrades: Messages sent to pagers are often not encrypted and contain sensitive PHI. This data is sent over the air in frequencies that can be recorded by unsuspecting HAM radio hobbyists, as well as scammers targeting patients to defraud. Eliminating or reducing the use of pagers protects against HIPAA violations, preserves patient privacy and reduces provider liability.
  • Continuous Improvement: Sending a page is historically considered the most reliable way to reach someone urgently. However, pages do not provide read receipts, escalation options, or a way to respond directly to the request. Additionally, the radio towers used to transmit the paging messages are becoming less common and resulting in poorer performance in many areas compared to the delivery of messages over cell towers and Internet or Wi-Fi signals. 
  • System consolidation: Pagers are a costly and time-consuming element of any IT or IS department. Streamlining the number of devices a provider is required to carry improves job satisfaction and can be part of an enterprise-wide effort to reduce alert fatigue. Additionally, comprehensive healthcare communications systems keep control centralized and prevent any data from being stored on individual devices.
  • Streamlined communication: Pagers provide one way, typically urgent messages which minimize ongoing communication needed for continuity of care. Diagnotes is a comprehensive medical communications solution that serves as a communication hub between physicians, nurses, diagnosticians, and any other healthcare providers active in the care, treatment and follow up of a patient.  

We work closely with hospitals and medical systems across the US to understand their motivations for reducing the use of pagers and design a migration path that optimizes workflow during the transition maximizes user adoption.  

Contact us today and let our team of experts help you migrate away from pagers and assist you in better securing your patient data, streamlining your workflow and increasing communication throughout the entire continuum of care.