Continuing its Focus on Interoperability

INDIANAPOLIS – Diagnotes, a leader in digital health, announced it has successfully integrated with the Epic and Cerner EHRs (Electronic Health Records) using FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) earlier this year.

FHIR is rapidly becoming the standard for interoperability in healthcare; and interoperability with its clients’ EHR systems has been a key component of the Diagnotes communication platform since its introduction in 2013. This successful integration means that Diagnotes can connect to any EHR using FHIR more quickly than ever before, making it more efficient to exchange healthcare information electronically, improving access and collaboration.

“Our successful integration benefits all Diagnotes clients with EHRs that utilize the FHIR standard – or will utilize it in the future – because it offers quick and easy integration of our platform with their EHRs,” said Dave Wortman, Chairman & CEO of Diagnotes. “It is hand and glove: as opposed to weeks to connect, it will now take only a matter of hours.”

And this translates to less burden, less frustration, and lower cost to Diagnotes customers. “Our FHIR integration option helps our clients avoid costly and time consuming custom interfaces. Simply put, if their EHR supports FHIR, then right out of the box we can securely and reliably pull the patient data they need.” said Jamie Kurtz, Vice President of Engineering for Diagnotes.

Additional benefits of the integration include the bi-directional flow of information back into the EHR to ensure medical records are complete and up to date, leading to more informed care decisions and less chance for miscommunication.