Agreement to improve efficiency and collaboration

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis-based Diagnotes’ fully-integrated mobile healthcare communication platform has been selected by OrthoKnox, a leading orthopedic surgery and physical therapy practice with two Knoxville-area locations, to provide trackable and HIPAA-compliant communications between patients, physicians and care teams.

Use of the Diagnotes platform offers OrthoKnox providers a secure way to collaborate and share patient information. OrthoKnox is also utilizing Diagnotes answering service automation – another feature of the platform.

“We were looking for a texting solution so our care teams could communicate securely. With Diagnotes, we have found a solution that will do that and also streamline workflows,” said David Armstrong, practice administrator of OrthoKnox. “We believe the addition of Diagnotes will improve efficiency and provide a secure environment that allows us to communicate in a HIPAA-compliant manner to the benefit of our patients.”

“Diagnotes pulls together all the components of clinician workflow from beginning to end to help increase efficiency, improve communication and increase patient satisfaction,” said Dave Wortman, Chairman and CEO of Diagnotes. “Through our secure communication platform, healthcare professionals have the ability to improve care coordination, streamline consults and referrals, and enhance patient care and engagement, all while reducing HIPAA risk. We are pleased to have OrthoKnox as part of the Diagnotes family.”

About OrthoKnox

OrthoKnox is an orthopedic surgery and physical therapy practice in Knoxville, Tennessee. OrthoKnox provides comprehensive orthopedic services to treat and rehabilitate injuries and degenerative conditions that affect the upper and lower extremities (shoulder, elbow, hand/wrist, hip, knee, ankle). For more information about OrthoKnox, visit