INDIANAPOLIS – The Center for Ear Nose Throat & Allergy (CENTA) is a thriving otolaryngology practice providing head and neck surgery and allergy services to patients from throughout the Midwest. With its recent adoption of the Diagnotes® HIPAA- compliant mobile communication system, CENTA has added innovative, state-of-the-art communications to its tool kit of pioneering medical technologies.

CENTA turned to Diagnotes, Inc., an Indianapolis-based health technology company, as the best solution to streamline secure communication after hours, with added functionality to allow remote documentation of patient encounters that occur away from the office. CENTA also intends to take advantage of Diagnotes’ EMR integration capability to link the system’s components with CENTA’s practice management software.

CENTA’s medical team routinely takes after hours call. Using the Diagnotes answering service automation capabilities, the on-call provider receives the patient’s message in her own words and voice, eliminating the chance for intermediary miscommunication. The system also provides the practitioner with one-touch callback, masking the responding physician’s personal mobile number.

Diagnotes secure text messaging allows the provider to send information about the patient to others in the practice who might need to be engaged. In addition, the clinical documentation component of Diagnotes allows the provider to document the encounter from any remote location on whatever mobile device he prefers – smartphone, tablet or laptop – ensuring both continuity of care and revenue cycle management.

And, because communications are secure, HIPAA compliance is assured.

Stephen Freeman, MD, FACS, who provides head and neck cancer and reconstructive surgery at CENTA, is especially appreciative of that documentation tool. “I treat some of the most complex cancers of the head and neck areas. Now that I’m able to review past encounters anytime one of my patients has an after-hours question or issue, I’m always informed about how my residents and colleagues have interacted with the patient in the past.”

“We know that communication is key, and the ability to customize Diagnotes with the components that augment our operational model allows us to incorporate the system without the kind of disruption that can accompany other system-wide transitions,” said CENTA Office Manager Mollee Skelly, pointing out that CENTA adopted the Diagnotes system in mid-summer, and currently is introducing it throughout the practice. “The ability to integrate Diagnotes with our practice management system is another benefit we will be pleased to incorporate.”

Diagnotes’ CEO, Chairman and Co-founder Dave Wortman is excited to be involved with CENTA. “There are so many ways to incorporate the Diagnotes system within a medical group,” he said. “CENTA is taking a very smart path to deployment, concentrating on the system benefits that are most important to their management style first, and then taking the next steps.”

The five components of the complete Diagnotes system include secure texting, provider scheduling, clinical documentation, answering service automation, and electronic medical record (EMR) integration. “With the ability to customize the program to seamlessly coordinate with the individual practice workflow, Diagnotes is the perfect mobile communication solution in any medical practice,” Wortman said, “and the ability to integrate Diagnotes into the existing practice management software is a tremendous advantage.”


Located in Carmel, Ind., CENTA, the Center for Ear Nose Throat & Allergy, is the Midwest’s premier provider of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and allergy services. Our team of highly trained physicians and staff provides the highest quality ENT care available anywhere, including such specialties as Nasal and Sinus Disease, Allergy, Cancer, Snoring and Sleep Apnea, Thyroid and Parathyroid, Reflux, Voice Restoration, Pediatric, Hearing Loss, and Reconstructive Surgery. CENTA, always at the forefront of ENT techniques and medical technology, is the first practice in Indiana to offer da Vinci® Robotic Head and Neck Surgery and da Vinci® Robotic Thyroid Surgery. da Vinci® Robotic Surgery is an alternative to traditional open surgery and a refinement of the concept of laparoscopic surgery, which has only recently been FDA approved for treatment of tumors of the thyroid, mouth, throat, and voice box. For more information about CENTA, visit