INDIANAPOLIS – Diagnotes, Inc. announced today that the Diagnotes® HIPAA-compliant mobile communication system has been certified for Allscripts EHR through the award-winning Allscripts Developer Program (ADP). The company’s certified application, Diagnotes, provides Allscripts users a HIPAA-compliant summary of their patients’ Allscripts electronic health record (EHR) on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) as part of the company’s five-component mobile communication system designed to support existing medical practice workflows.

Becoming an ADP-certified application marks a collaboration between Diagnotes and Allscripts to provide innovative, integrated health IT solutions that support high quality and cost-effective care. Globally, more than 180,000 physicians and more than 1,500 hospitals use Allscripts solutions.

Diagnotes Highlights:

  • EHR integration that positively identifies patients and automatically pushes delivery of key patient data to the clinician’s mobile device;
  • HIPAA-compliant secure texting, including individual and group messaging, secure attachments such as documents and photos, a provider directory and search capabilities by specialty and location;
  • Provider scheduling centrally managed and available in real-time for multiple departments and groups, multiple backup providers to support escalation protocols, and integration with existing provider schedules;
  • Clinical documentation, with typed or dictated notes transcribed in real-time, mobile and remote charge capture, procedure and diagnoses codes, and documentation sharing with billing, administrative and/or clinical staff;
  • Answering service automation with live agents, electronic agents or a combination of both, caller voice messages delivered for playback, automated patient identity and data delivery, and performance analytics; and
  • The ability for both clinicians/non-clinical staff and patients/caregivers to initiate secure voice and text communications.

With the integration into Allscripts electronic health records (EHR) platform, clinicians can receive pre-determined information from a patient’s EHR at any remote location. The EHR integration automatically pushes key information to the clinician and is part of the Diagnotes flexible five-component system, each customizable to the individual workflow.

“Joining the Allscripts Developer Program will enable us to help clients smoothly incorporate secure text messaging along with significant additional mobile functionality with their existing Allscripts electronic health records,” said Dave Wortman, chairman and CEO of Diagnotes. “The Diagnotes system is intuitive for clinicians in that it allows the provider to access all of its components and processes on whatever mobile device he or she chooses – smartphone, tablet or laptop – while helping reduce costs and risks, and increase revenue capture.”

“Allscripts has had open API’s since 2007. The Allscripts Developer Program was developed to speed time from innovation to implementation for our clients,” said Stanley Crane, Chief Innovation Officer and General Manager, Open Business Unit, Allscripts. “We look forward to working with Diagnotes through the Allscripts Developer Program to enable our Professional EHR clients to seamlessly integrate secure mobile communication with Allscripts electronic health records, while adding additional functionality that accommodates the providers’ existing workflow and processes.”

Allscripts Diagnotes clients are invited to learn more with a free virtual demo. More information about Diagnotes can be found on the Allscripts Application Store. Developers are encouraged to register for a free account on the Allscripts Developer Portal for access to its Open API and to start building innovations for Allscripts users.

Diagnotes will be exhibiting at the Allscripts Client Experience August 5-7 in Boston, MA.