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Jamie Kurtz Chief Technology Officer

Jamie Kurtz is Chief Technology Officer at Diagnotes. As architecture lead at Open Solutions (now part of Fiserv), Kurtz helped envision and build the platform that led to the company’s entrance into the “apps” market, resulting in a financial services app store where clients and partners could build and sell apps. From there he went on to a management and solutions architecture role at Fusion Alliance, expanding the company’s consulting talent and services into open source and cloud technologies, continuous delivery, software security, and related services.

Before joining Diagnotes, Kurtz served as Chief Technology Officer of Track Ahead, an Indianapolis-based startup whose mission is to leverage cognitive computing and game mechanics to better connect graduating college students with employers, increasing the chances of success for those students and reducing turnover costs for employers.

Kurtz brings to his position at Diagnotes over 20 years of experience as a developer, consultant, author, speaker, manager, and solutions architect.

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