What do you expect? Schedule a Demo


What do you expect? Schedule a Demo

Diagnotes is what you should expect.

Integrating disparate systems can streamline many clinical workflows and dramatically improve the patient’s experiences. Accomplishing this requires a significant commitment of time and resources on the part of any healthcare organization, which is why Diagnotes works closely with every client to implement integrations that meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Smart integrations should accomplish the quadruple aim:

Save time

Save money

Improve Patient experience

Improve Clinician job satisfaction

Integrations should eliminate steps, not add them. They should simplify, not complicate.

Integrating Diagnotes with your EHR enables an unlimited range of automated workflows, including auto-routing of consult orders. Details like the primary complaint, DOB, MRN and the patient’s room number are delivered to the consulting provider instantly, ensuring accurate patient identification and reducing avoidable delays in reaching the patient.

The yin and yang of integrations: Clinical Systems and Data Systems. 

Clinical Systems are the day-to-day applications and hardware that physicians, nurses, administrative staff and non-clinical staff interact with all day, everyday. Data Systems are responsible for organizing the by-product of the EHR and other clinical systems including messages containing PHI or staff information. 

Diagnotes integrates with both categories of systems to create a natural, instinctual user experience.

Clinical Systems Integrations

Data Systems Integrations

Diagnotes integrates with any system, including:



Enterprise Call Centers

Paging, Dispatch and Logistics

On-call Schedules

Wearable badges

Labs and Imaging



ADT including ORU, ORM

Active Directory + SAML

Single Sign-on



What integration would be most valuable for your organization?
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A Cerner-Diagnotes integration achieved the quadurple aim for a client looking to streamline patient admissions from the Emergency Department (ED)

Prior to integrating Diagnotes with Cerner, the process for an ED physician at a large academic health system to request a consult from a Hospitalist resulted in delays and increased the risk for errors when orders were re-typed several times by admins and operators. Response times were often 45 minutes or more.

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