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Diagnotes as part of the enterprise technology ecosystem


Diagnotes as part of the enterprise technology ecosystem

How it Works

Delivering a cohesive enterprise workflow solution

Without deep integration, individual systems serve as great data point sources but do not streamline workflows, placing the responsibility of care transition data-sharing on clinicians.

By integrating with a hospital’s existing EHR, portals, call center, paging, dispatch, on-call schedules, labs, and image storage solutions, Diagnotes is the premier platform for workflow management and centralized communications and collaboration for hospitals today.


Partnering for IT Success

Integration efforts can add overhead to the health IT team’s responsibilities. Diagnotes works closely with every client to support its digitalization efforts and organizational strategies.

Supporting Workflows

Diagnotes offers a range of integrations to support the types of workflows implemented on the platform. Electronic health record (EHR) integrations are supported through HL7- or FHIR-based lookups. HL7 messages are accepted via different inbound and outbound transfer protocols, with strict adherence to data security and privacy.


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