End Users

Connect the Entire Care Team and Patients in Real Time

Everyone in the Loop

Comprehensive care demands top-notch collaboration and communication. Instantly and securely connect the entire care team—inside or outside of your organization—with the patient data and tools they need to make treatment decisions, share insights and document patient interactions. Diagnotes was designed using common and familiar smartphone features. As a result, it's extremely user-friendly and very intuitive for all end-user groups.

Healthcare Professionals

  • Dialogue securely regardless of where you are
  • Identify patients quickly with EHR integration
  • Collaborate via text, voice, video, or attachments
  • Transition patients seamlessly from you to a referred physician
  • Visit patients virtually to quickly assess needs
  • Enhance handoff communication with all pertinent data organized around your workflow

Patients & Caregivers

  • Customized access for HIPAA-compliant communication
  • Follow-up with physicians easily after treatment
  • Access doctor’s orders
  • Attend virtual appointments
  • Connect directly and immediately with referral physician

Administrative &
Office Staff

  • Reduce workload and increase staff efficiency by eliminating manual processes
  • Give staff access to the information they need to support clinical activity and operations

Partners & Affiliates

  • Facilitate consults, referrals, and documentation from partners and affiliates
  • Keep partners and affiliates informed of their patients’ progress and interactions


Diagnotes helps organizations on their quest to achieve the Quadruple Aim. Additionally, Diagnotes' developers are consistently updating and adding features that uniquely position it to be ready for any eventuality or new trend.

Reduce Costs

Better, more efficient care means reduced costs. In addition, direct referral channels give patients immediate access to their referred physician, preventing revenue leakage. Seamless patient transition results in better care, and the decrease of readmittance rates reduces costs long term.

Enhance Clinician Experience

Using smartphone functionality as a model, Diagnotes is intuitive and easy to use, minimizing cumbersome and lengthy learning curves. Diagnotes mirrors natural workflows, allowing medical professionals to work in the way they prefer. Automated workflow processes alleviate significant time drain formerly spent on inefficient manual workflows.

Enhance Patient Experience

Patients love Diagnotes. By allowing customized, HIPAA-compliant communication directly with the care team, patients have a more vested interest in their care. And, with more efficient response times and better collaboration, patients are receiving even better care at faster rates.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Improved clinical outcomes are a natural byproduct of better collaboration, workflows and communication.

  • Decreased response times save critical lifesaving minutes
  • Better communication reduces medical errors in the transition of care
  • Easier follow up decreases readmittance rates
  • More patient involvement creates a more empowered patient that better follows physician orders

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