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Diagnotes’ intelligent design is built to mimic the natural workflows of those in the healthcare industry. With extensive capabilities and vast usage options, Diagnotes is proving to be a critical part of patient care, collaboration and efficiency. In fact, many clients have implemented additional workflows in conjunction with what they originally used Diagnotes for due to its flexible and easy-to-use platform.

The Problem

On average, healthcare professionals lose a staggering hour and a half per day (7.5 hours per week) due to inefficient communication tools and manual workflows. Not only is this a severe time drain, reducing the number of patients that can be cared for, but this poor communication also leads to delays in clinical care and an increase in medical errors. Further, most clinical communication systems do not reflect that teamwork is central to the effective delivery of care. The result? Uunnecessary risk for nearly 50% of discharged patients and a 70% delay in care response time.

The Solution

Diagnotes is an easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant healthcare productivity suite that enables everyone involved in patient care to seamlessly communicate in real-time and automates clinical workflows to prevent communication lags (even remotely or after-hours).

Diagnotes empowers teams by getting them in the same ‘room’ again. With virtual team-focused and patient-centric Rooms, healthcare professionals can work and communicate in teams, all members have access to the same information and notifications are customizable and tied to on-call schedules, so that only the right person at the right time gets notified. Clinicians can dialogue and share information via text, voice recordings, video, or attachment.

Diagnotes Patient Rooms are autogenerated, pulling key identifying information from the organization's EHR system the minute someone is checked in. Appropriate care team members are automatically included in the patient’s Room. Caregivers across all departments are able to discuss patient cases in real-time and receive notifications to check the room when test results become available. Because all comments are available for the entire care team, communication lag is solved and possible medical errors due to poor communication are virtually eliminated.


Client Experience

The client chose a free secure texting solution thinking it would solve their communication issues. However, they quickly learned that their new solution only addressed security and compliance. It had virtually no effect on any other aspects of organizational workflows, collaboration, or patient care. In fact, over time the platform increased clinician frustration due to lack of reliability and minimal functionality. Finding that their new communication platform was only complicating the problem, Diagnotes was deployed to not only maintain compliance but also transform workflows, team collaboration, patient satisfaction, and clinician satisfaction.

Within weeks of implementing Diagnotes, users across the network had been onboarded and were collaborating in real-time. Cross-team collaboration was happening efficiently and prevented the wasted time previously experienced. Physicians and staff alike commented that they found Diagnotes to be easy to navigate and very akin to using the smartphone technology they were already accustomed to. In fact, they appreciated the ability to have smartphone access to Diagnotes in addition to the desktop, allowing them to have everything they need at their fingertips. Automated workflows decreased clinician and staff burden and elevated morale and satisfaction across the network.

Diagnotes is consolidating all the benefits of pagers, landlines, cameras, fax machines, call schedules and more into a single robust platform. Healthcare professionals use Diagnotes Rooms to support critical workflows: APT/BA alerts, trauma notifications, consults orders and more.

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