Test drive the HIPAA compliant texting platform that delivers more


Accelerate communication, decrease clinician burnout, boost patient satisfaction. Diagnotes delivers more than secure texting.

  • Eliminate message delays with bi-directional communication in real time.
  • Communicate and share data via text, voice or video.
  • Integrate schedules for fast access to on-call clinicians.

Diagnotes - A secure messaging platform for health systems

In addition to secure texting, Diagnotes offers a smart, simple, virtual workspace that your clinicians access on the mobile phones they already have.

Our platform enables real time coordination of patient care that expedites treatment decisions and initiation.

Health systems using Diagnotes optimize their efficiency while increasing clinician and patient satisfaction.


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Indiana University Health, a leading academic health system, achieved faster on-call consults and streamlined clinical communication using Diagnotes. Here are other organizations that have benefited from Diagnotes: