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Diagnotes’ intelligent design is built to mimic the natural workflows of those in the healthcare industry. With extensive capabilities and vast usage options, Diagnotes is proving to be a critical part of patient care, collaboration and efficiency. In fact, many clients have implemented additional workflows in conjunction with what they originally used Diagnotes for, due to its flexible and easy-to-use platform.

The Problem

Effectively notifying clinicians that they are needed for a consult and getting them to the patient quickly is a difficult problem to solve at most health systems. A typical workflow involves:

  • The requesting clinician entering the consult order into the EHR;
  • Re-entering the request into a separate paging system or calling the switchboard to attempt to notify the on-call consulting physician;
  • The consulting physician is then paged repeatedly until they are able to call back, not always able to connect with the requesting clinician the first time. The consulting physician does not easily have to identify patient information or the ability to communicate with the requesting clinician asynchronously. 
There is added complexity for cases where time is of the essence, such as stroke or STEMI, or when a consult is needed from specialist teams that serve multiple departments and locations, like apheresis, APT/BA Response or wound care.

Not only do consulting clinicians need to coordinate with requesting clinicians, but they also have to coordinate with their own team. Typically, teams employ a group pager and play ‘hot potato’ with team members and ‘phone tag’ with the call center; or utilize a group email inbox which notifies an entire team, regardless of who is on call. Both of these solutions lack tools to quickly and easily coordinate a response, do not include patient context, or allow the requesting clinician to confirm receipt of their request.

These inefficient workflows result in delays in care, add the potential for inaccuracies in patient information, and rely on healthcare professionals to work around tools that are ineffective. Knowing outcomes improve when patients receive care as quickly as possible, healthcare professionals need a faster, easier and more effective way to execute consults.

The Solution

Diagnotes helps solve multiple consult order inefficiencies by streamlining and automating workflows, taking the burden off of healthcare professionals and allowing them to more effectively deliver care.

Diagnotes Team Rooms + Schedules + EHR integration simplifies the process. When a consult is needed, the requests entered in the EHR automatically trigger a notification to the appropriate Team Room, which alerts the on-call clinician. Requesting clinicians can easily confirm receipt of the request and the consulting clinician can respond quickly and directly. They can even easily collaborate with their team about the case to coordinate an appropriate response or follow up with the requesting clinician to gather additional information or provide recommendations, all on the same platform.

Diagnotes’ streamlined approach to consult requests eliminates the previous standard procedure of calling, paging and waiting, as well as stops the use of unsecure pagers and inefficient team email inboxes. Perhaps most importantly, Diagnotes supports clinicians in their work, rather than forcing them to retrofit their workflows around inefficient tools. The time between the clinician being notified and their arrival at the bedside of the patient is greatly reduced.

Client Experience

Diagnotes worked closely with a large academic medical center’s emergency medicine physicians to deploy a faster, easier way to order consults for ED patients. Now, instead of playing phone tag, ED clinicians enter consult orders in the EHR, immediately launching a discussion between the ED clinician and the on-call specialist. Care coordination begins instantly. The clinicians share clinical information, including photos of EKG strips, wounds, and ultrasound images. Multiple care team members can join discussions and video chats for optimal coordination. Reports indicate that a process that was taking 30-60 minutes to complete was reduced to just a few minutes, saving precious time and improving patient safety and clinician and patient satisfaction.

After a successful implementation for ED clinicians and Hospitalist consults, the organization deployed Diagnotes to address consult workflows across the system, including trauma, infection control, wound care, apheresis, APT/BA teams and more. They continue to find new uses for this workflow.

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