Streamline transitions of care communications

ensure safer hand-offs and improve patient outcomes 
Diagnotes’ intelligent design is built to mimic the natural workflows of those in the healthcare industry. With extensive capabilities and vast usage options, Diagnotes is proving to be a critical part of patient care, collaboration and efficiency. In fact, many clients have implemented additional workflows in conjunction with what they originally used Diagnotes for, due to its flexible and easy-to-use platform.

The Problem

When caring for patients in great distress, every second counts, and evidence suggests that the sooner a patient can be effectively discharged and continue their recovery at home the faster and more effectively they heal. Efficient patient care and throughput need care teams that are in close alignment, who know the results of consults and tests quickly, who can swiftly respond to evidence of high-risk problems and make real-time adjustments to care plans. This kind of team collaboration based on critical information is not easy to execute for overburdened healthcare professionals.

Communication issues often continue at the point of discharge. Nearly half of the medical errors occurring with discharged patients are the result of unclear communication. Poor or unclear discharge instructions not only have an adverse effect on patient health, but they also have costly consequences for organizations like:
  • Nearly 20% of all Medicare patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge
  • More than 30% of Medicare patients are readmitted within 90 days of discharge
  • 79% of hospital readmissions result from uncoordinated patient care and are preventable 

The Solution

Diagnotes supports effective care team collaboration through the patient's full journey, from admit through discharge, and beyond.

Upon intake, a Diagnotes virtual Patient Room is created and care team members are automatically added and notified. Diagnotes Patient Rooms provide quick and easy access to recent and relevant care information, a record of prior clinician collaboration, and an easy place to interact with colleagues. Caregivers across all departments are able to securely discuss patient cases in real-time and receive notifications to check the room when test results become available. As the patient moves through the care process, from the emergency room through inpatient care to discharge, their associated Patient Room automatically updates with their current location, where they are in the process and who the current care team members are. Because all comments are available for the entire care team, communication lag is solved and medical errors due to poor communication are virtually eliminated.

Diagnotes Patient Rooms:

  • Are automatically created workspaces for each patient and uniquely reflect each patient’s care needs
  • Act as virtual rooms where patient care teams can collaborate
  • Maintain positive identification and preserve patient context
  • Are created automatically via HL7 integration
  • Can be linked to Team Rooms, mirroring active patient lists
  • Are integrated with data feeds for immediate access to key clinical information
When it’s time for a patient to be discharged, care team members can coordinate to confirm the appropriate care plan. Discharge teams can share instructions and communicate directly with patients via the Diagnotes for Patients app or, if the patient is to be discharged to another facility, discharge teams can coordinate with their partner facilities to ensure a smooth transition. With the Diagnotes for Patients app, patients can reach out to the care facility in a controlled manner if they need clarification or have additional questions. Clinicians can also perform follow up examinations with Diagnotes virtual visit capabilities, whether the patient is at home or in another facility.

The Diagnotes platform reflects and supports what is already a reality in healthcare but difficult to execute without the appropriate tools: team-centric, patient-focused care.  

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