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Diagnotes’ intelligent design is built to mimic the natural workflows of those in the healthcare industry. With extensive capabilities and vast usage options, Diagnotes is proving to be a critical part of patient care, collaboration and efficiency. In fact, many clients have implemented additional workflows in conjunction with what they originally used Diagnotes for, due to its flexible and easy-to-use platform.

The Problem

Finding and quickly reaching the right contact for patient care discussions can be a frustrating experience for clinicians, support staff and patients. For clinicians, having to call the switchboard and then wait to receive a call back from the specialist on-call is disruptive and results in unnecessary delays for an acutely ill patient. For call center staff, countless hours are spent juggling dozens of schedules and then playing go-between, sending multiple pages, for every consulting physician request or after-hours call. For patients, it’s another barrier delaying healing or relief. Too much valuable time is wasted by not being able to quickly and easily contact the right person at the right time. Yet, it’s a scene played out over and over, dozens of times a shift.

The Solution

Diagnotes’ automated schedule and directory integration enable instant identification of and notification to who’s on call. It eliminates the wait and uncertainty, so call center operators and clinicians can connect in real-time with the on-call physician and get the answers they need.

With Diagnotes, users can easily view schedules created in Diagnotes or integrated via a third-party app. On-call users can be contacted directly from a schedule or found quickly in the directory. Even more powerful is the ability to drive notifications to teams based on associated on-call schedules. This functionality removes the need to know exactly who the person on call is -- instead, workflows and automation can rely on integrated schedules to notify the on-call user. Diagnotes Team Rooms + Schedules enables the ability to:
  • Easily notify one or more on-call users with a single message, without needing to know who the targets are
  • Automatically notify the on-call user when sending pages, requesting orders, or other integration based workflows
  • Temporarily take call for your team with on-call schedule override
  • Stay up on team communication, while ensuring only on-call users get notified
Not only can Diagnotes users quickly and easily find the on-call clinician they need, but they can also include pertinent information, including PHI, at the first point of contact. This avoids the dreaded game of phone tag and information lookups, speeding the delivery of care and reducing errors.

Client Experience 

An Academic Medical Center client started utilizing Diagnotes with their Emergency Room clinicians and staff. They had recently experienced an influx of patients resulting from a mass transit accident. Although they were short-staffed, they were able to handle an increased caseload almost as effectively as if they were fully staffed. They attributed the efficiencies to Diagnotes’ schedule and directory integrations, which allowed them to quickly identify and consult with the on-call specialists. Diagnotes was able to boost productivity and ease a high-stress workload for clinicians, all from the palm of their hand.

By utilizing Diagnotes Rooms + Schedules, the same client is also able to address cases where multiple teams are needed to react to a single request, such as APT/BA Response. If a patient exhibits signs of or is escalating towards aggressive behavior, the dispatcher can quickly Broadcast into the APT/BA Team Room, which contains the cross-departmental team members needed to address an agitated patient: social work, bed control, chaplains, security, etc. Each department’s on-call schedule is attached to the Team Room, which means anytime a request is made, only the on-call individuals from each team get notified. The dispatcher sends a single message to activate the appropriate response from the APT/BA team. The team can quickly coordinate a response and resolve the danger to staff and patients efficiently and effectively.

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