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Diagnotes’ intelligent design is built to mimic the natural workflows of those in the healthcare industry. With extensive capabilities and vast usage options, Diagnotes is proving to be a critical part of patient care, collaboration and efficiency. In fact, many clients have implemented additional workflows in conjunction with what they originally used Diagnotes for, due to its flexible and easy-to-use platform.

The Problem

The use of pagers are an increasing security risk and foster inefficient communication. Draw-backs of pager use include:

  • UNSECURE: Messages sent to pagers are often not encrypted and contain sensitive PHI. Data is sent over the air in frequencies that can be recorded by unsuspecting HAM radio hobbyists, as well as scammers targeting patients to defraud.
  • DECLINING PERFORMANCE AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Radio towers used to transmit paging messages are becoming less common, which results in poorer performance in many areas compared to the delivery of messages over cell towers and the Internet or Wi-Fi signals.
  • COST: Pagers are a costly element of the IT budget, with an industry average around $10/device/month.
    POOR COMMUNICATION AND DELAYS: Pages are one-way with the sender’s identity and urgency level unknown. They do not provide patient context, read receipts, escalation options or a way to respond directly to the request.

Unfortunately, despite these issues, the use of pagers and paging systems are deeply ingrained in the healthcare workflow and can be difficult to uproot and replace.


The Solution

Though it may seem daunting, replacing legacy pager systems and workflows with a comprehensive clinical communication platform like Diagnotes can reduce inefficiencies and extraneous costs, including: 

  • SECURITY UPGRADES: Eliminating or reducing the use of pagers protects against HIPAA violations, preserves patient privacy and reduces clinician liability.
  • SYSTEM CONSOLIDATION: Streamlining the number of devices a clinician is required to carry improves job satisfaction and supports an enterprise-wide effort to reduce alert fatigue. Deploying a comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant suite keeps control centralized and prevents any data from being stored on individual devices.
  • STREAMLINED COMMUNICATION: Pagers provide one-way messages rather than supporting the ongoing communication needed for continuity of care. Diagnotes is a comprehensive communications solution that serves as a hub between physicians, nurses, diagnosticians, and any other healthcare professionals active in the care, treatment and follow up of a patient. Diagnotes also effectively replaces pager-based workflows:
    • Pager numbers used by external users. The Diagnotes Extend portal allows for anyone to send a message into Diagnotes, while at the same time improving efficiency (no need to call the call center) and clarity (includes a message field for context).
    • Group pagers for clinical teams, also known as playing ‘hot potato.’ Team Rooms provide the flexibility to easily take calls for a limited period of time, without updating the on-call schedule, for example, if your colleague’s surgery runs long or they are on a lunch break.
    • Pages from the call center. Call center operators can quickly and easily broadcast messages into Team Rooms, only notifying the on-call clinician.


Client Experience:

A large health system chose to deploy a comprehensive, enterprise-wide healthcare communication and collaboration suite, in lieu of a myriad of single-point solutions, to resolve daily communication challenges and support long-term strategic initiatives. In 2019, the organization replaced over 5,000 pagers used by clinicians with Diagnotes’ HIPAA-compliant platform, resulting in a cost savings of nearly $700K/year and climbing, based on industry estimates. The organization is working towards a system-wide elimination of pagers in 2020, including those used by nurses, chaplains, social workers, janitors, patient-transportation workers and others.

Through this initiative, the organization also used Diagnotes to streamline and automate critical workflows, including but not limited to:

  • SECURE COMMUNICATION AND CARE COORDINATION: Diagnotes is consolidating all the benefits of pagers, landlines, cameras, fax machines, call schedules and more into a single robust platform. Clinicians use Diagnotes Rooms, intuitive collaboration environments designed for healthcare teams, to support critical workflows: APT/BA alerts, trauma notifications, consults orders and more. Diagnotes Rooms ensure team members have access to key information and alert only the right people at the right time with integrated on-call schedules while maintaining a full audit trail.
  • ORDERS FROM CERNER: With one click, clinicians can submit a consult request in the EHR that delivers an alert via Diagnotes to an on-call clinician and launches a discussion with the clinicians in Diagnotes, with positive patient identification and current location. This streamlined approach to service requests eliminates the previous standard procedure of calling, paging and waiting. Delays are greatly reduced and both patient and clinician satisfaction are positively impacted.
  • SUPPORT OF REGIONAL AFFILIATES: The system maintains a network of regional affiliates that provide care in rural and suburban communities and seeks innovative ways to support these strategic relationships. Specialists, such as nephrologists and pediatric cardiologists, utilize Diagnotes to offer remote consultations with affiliated hospitals. Because specialists are available on-demand via Diagnotes, unnecessary transfers are avoided.

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