New features on Diagnotes: Virtual room upgrades and video call expansion


It’s true – Diagnotes was developed in collaboration with actual clinicians. And thanks to suggestions from the doctors and nurses who use our platform, we have continuously improved it. Here are some recent upgrades that make Diagnotes even better!

Add participants from partner organizations to virtual rooms

You can now add users from other organizations to a virtual room, making it easier to collaborate with partners and affiliates. When adding a participant, simply select the Filter by Site dropdown, and choose the appropriate partner organization from the options that appear. Users from partner sites that join the virtual room will have their organization listed below their name in the participants list.

Virtual patient rooms highlight status changes

Virtual patient rooms have been further integrated with common healthcare workflows by displaying patient status events on the patient room timeline, as well as the corresponding patient card design. Users can see new information from ADT feeds in real time, improving patient care coordination by allowing all virtual room participants to stay up-to-date on the patient’s status and location.

Healthcare workflowsCustomize status notifications

Diagnotes users can now quickly and easily customize their personal status message. And when setting a status, you can enable automatic replies and/or Do Not Disturb, as well as set an expiration time.

Extend the reach of Diagnotes video calls​ ​

Diagnotes users can invite anyone with a web browser (desktop or mobile) to a video/audio call with just a mobile phone number. Patients or providers don’t need to have the Diagnotes app to participate. Use Diagnotes calls for:

  • Virtual visits with patients
  • Coordination with partners and affiliates
  • Consults with specialists

Invitees will receive a SMS text message asking them to check in to your Diagnotes waiting room. Once the invitee has checked in, you will receive a notification and can begin the call at any time.

Make calls without revealing your personal phone number

Masked calls use a number determined by your organization. They allow users to call non-Diagnotes users, such as patients or partners, without revealing their personal phone number to the recipient. Initiate masked calls from the calls page, from a phone number in a message, or from a virtual patient room.

Attach photos from your camera roll

Users can now attach photos or files stored on their mobile devices. Tapping the + button on the bottom toolbar will display Attachment Options. The audio recording and camera buttons are grouped under Attachment Options as well.

About Diagnotes

Developed in collaboration with actual clinicians, Diagnotes is a messaging platform for health systems that goes beyond secure texting. Our mobile platform accelerates clinical communication and gives your care teams the power to collaborate seamlessly in real time. Health systems using Diagnotes optimize their efficiency, while increasing clinician and patient satisfaction.


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