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After COVID-19, texting drives patient satisfaction

COVID-19 changed patient communication preferences from phone calls to digital communication such as texting, according to research by SR Health. “Why the switch from phone to digital communication? Patient comments suggest digital...
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Improving patient satisfaction: Care coordination and communication technology

Myths of patient satisfaction Myths and misperceptions about patient satisfaction need to be overcome when seeking out patient input, writes Richard Bolton Siegrist Jr. in the AMA Journal of Ethics. One myth...
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How blockchain goes beyond HIPAA for healthcare communications security

Blockchain technology was first introduced in financial services, but it’s now gaining wider acceptance, including healthcare organizations. A report by Deloitte says that blockchain can deliver value in healthcare by connecting fragmented...
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How a toxicology service expedites remote consults

When a poison exposure case gets escalated to the Tier 2 Medical Toxicology Division at Indiana University Health, team members use Diagnotes’ virtual workspace technology to coordinate life-saving care in real time. Streamlining clinical...
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Pager issues lead to increased use of secure messaging systems

The problematic workflow of pagers Fewer than one in five healthcare managers thought that pagers were time-saving devices, according to an article in Compliance Home. The article notes “the pager recipient often...
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