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What health systems can learn from tech giants

Digital communication is transforming healthcare, but so far the transformation has been piecemeal. Health systems need to identify technologies that facilitate communication between clinicians and with patients. These solutions need to optimize...
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What’s the difference between basic texting and advanced messaging platforms?

Beyond HIPAA compliance According to an article in Compliance Home, “Compliance with the Privacy Act and the requirements of the Security Act is assured when using a secure messaging solution.” It’s true...
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Improve clinician focus by managing alerts

The digitization of healthcare has delivered more integrated care for patients and more efficient communication between clinicians. And during COVID-19, the use of virtual care has become increasingly important, supported by electronic...
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Who’s on call and how do I reach them?

The consequences of healthcare communication problems Increased costs associated with delays in communication Impact on quality of care being delivered to patients Medical errors that occur due to breakdowns in communications Lack...
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