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Buyers guide: Secure healthcare messaging systems

In this interview with Diagnotes’ CEO Dave Wortman, he discusses the most important questions – from technology and telehealth to team collaboration – that health systems should ask when evaluating a secure...
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How a toxicology service expedites remote consults

When a poison exposure case gets escalated to the Tier 2 Medical Toxicology Division at Indiana University Health, team members use Diagnotes’ virtual workspace technology to coordinate life-saving care in real time. Streamlining clinical...
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Clinical collaboration: studies show impact of messaging systems

Health systems are replacing legacy communication devices with secure messaging systems. These systems have been proven to deliver more reliable and secure communication. But recent studies show that implementing a messaging system...
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The cost of clinical communication breakdowns

A study published in JAMA estimated that about 25% of total healthcare spending, $760 billion to $935 billion, could be attributed to waste. The study found waste in these categories: failure of care...
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Study shows clinical tasks completed 59% faster using mobile platform

In order to improve care team performance, many healthcare systems today are scrapping synchronous, one-way communication systems like pagers. Instead, they are integrating asynchronous communication such as mobile platforms that offer messaging...
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Doctors’ pagers finally headed to gadget graveyard

For more than half a century, doctors have stubbornly stuck by their pagers, even as other workers, from delivery drivers to nuclear-plant engineers, have given them up for more up-to-date communications devices....
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