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Hacking healthcare data: the next wave

Ransomware continues to threaten data security in health systems. Deploying ransomware, organized cybercriminals such as the recently surfaced Industrial Spy get access to your servers, delete your backups, encrypt all your files,...
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Measuring the ROI of your secure messaging investment

The trend is clear: health systems are rapidly investing in secure messaging platforms. 85% of hospitals are engaging secure communication platforms between care teams, patients and families, according to a survey by Black...
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How hospitals are responding to the COVID-19 nursing shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a pre-existing nursing shortage. Increased burnout has led to more staff turnover, which in turn has led to even more stress on nurses. In the article Clinician...
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Pager issues lead to increased use of secure messaging systems

The problematic workflow of pagers Fewer than one in five healthcare managers thought that pagers were time-saving devices, according to an article in Compliance Home. The article notes “the pager recipient often...
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