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Secure texting for healthcare: The basics

What is secure text messaging? A secure text messaging platform employs smartphone apps to connect authorized care team members to a HIPAA-compliant network. It enables care teams to coordinate schedules for quick...
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Improve clinician focus by managing alerts

The digitization of healthcare has delivered more integrated care for patients and more efficient communication between clinicians. And during COVID-19, the use of virtual care has become increasingly important, supported by electronic...
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Pager issues lead to increased use of secure messaging systems

The problematic workflow of pagers Fewer than one in five healthcare managers thought that pagers were time-saving devices, according to an article in Compliance Home. The article notes “the pager recipient often...
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Doctors’ pagers finally headed to gadget graveyard

For more than half a century, doctors have stubbornly stuck by their pagers, even as other workers, from delivery drivers to nuclear-plant engineers, have given them up for more up-to-date communications devices....
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