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How blockchain goes beyond HIPAA for healthcare communications security

Blockchain technology was first introduced in financial services, but it’s now gaining wider acceptance, including healthcare organizations. A report by Deloitte says that blockchain can deliver value in healthcare by connecting fragmented...
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Buyers guide: Secure healthcare messaging systems

In this interview with Diagnotes’ CEO Dave Wortman, he discusses the most important questions – from technology and telehealth to team collaboration – that health systems should ask when evaluating a secure...
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Clinical collaboration: studies show impact of messaging systems

Health systems are replacing legacy communication devices with secure messaging systems. These systems have been proven to deliver more reliable and secure communication. But recent studies show that implementing a messaging system...
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How to evaluate the security of healthcare messaging platforms

Is your health system planning to replace legacy communications such as pagers with a messaging platform? Start with security requirements. Basic security for healthcare messaging platforms A case study published in Applied Clinical...
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