Study shows clinical tasks completed 59% faster using mobile platform

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In order to improve care team performance, many healthcare systems today are scrapping synchronous, one-way communication systems like pagers. Instead, they are integrating asynchronous communication such as mobile platforms that offer messaging in real time.

But does an asynchronous platform really improve care team coordination and clinician satisfaction? A recent BMJ Innovations study comparing synchronous and asynchronous communication indicates that asynchronous communication does lead to better efficiencies in care.

Synchronous vs. asynchronous communication

The study observed how an asynchronous platform affected clinical workflow and quality of work life. Researchers also examined associations with patient safety outcomes and hospital core operations.

Clinicians were followed using the Time Motion Study methodology over a 2-week period, using both an asynchronous platform and synchronous methods. Questionnaires and interviews were conducted to identify staff attitudes towards both platforms.

Results: asynchronous benefits

Clinical communication

70% of clinicians reported that the asynchronous platform improved or greatly improved interprofessional communication. Researchers noted that “Staff cited that the dominant factors for the use of the asynchronous platform were faster and easier escalation of care, better access to on-call physicians, as well as instant collaboration.”

Speed of clinical tasks

According to the researchers, utilizing an asynchronous platform resulted in “Core hospital operations such as TTO, patient review, discharge and patient transfer, and escalation of care and procedure had statistically significant reductions in time taken.”

  • Clinicians using the asynchronous platform found that an average task took 59% less time to complete, compared with synchronous methods.
  • The asynchronous platform accelerated response time: 30% of staff indicated a response time under 5 minutes, with 40% of staff indicating a response time under 15 minutes.
  • 53% of staff believed that the text messaging system was faster than traditional methods of communication.
  • 24% more clinicians believed that their discharge management plans were completed quicker with the asynchronous platform compared with synchronous methods.

About Diagnotes

Diagnotes is a mobile platform for health systems that accelerates clinical communication and gives your care teams the power to collaborate seamlessly in real time.

The result: increased clinician and patient satisfaction, and reduced cost.


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