Communication workflow for poison control center

How a poison control center expedites remote consults

When a poison exposure case gets escalated to the Tier 2 medical team at Indiana University Health, team members use Diagnotes’ virtual workspace technology to coordinate life-saving care in real time.

Streamlining clinical communication

In recent years, the Indiana Poison Center has averaged 56,000 poison exposure calls per year. The Medical Toxicology Division at IU Health provides medical backup and support for the care of poisoned patients throughout the state

When an initial call comes into the Tier 1 call center, trained nurses and pharmacists need to decide whether to provide advice to the caller directly, or to escalate the case remotely to the Tier 2 team.

The Tier 2 team has a toxicology physician on-call at all times who consults remotely with the poison control center. When escalation is needed, the Tier I team uses Diagnotes to message the Tier 2 physician in real time.

“There is no searching for who is on call for that shift,” says Dr. Kris Nañagas, Division Chief of Medical Toxicology. “There is no more being pulled out of an isolation room or a meeting, no more blindly responding to a page/text, no more waiting on the phone so the person who initiated the call can be located, no more angst.”

Virtual patient rooms accelerate care

According to Dr. Nañagas, virtual patient rooms allow the on-call physician to anticipate and prepare—often with the proper treatment recommendations specific to the poison exposure. “Diagnotes provides the information I need at exactly the right time I need it.”

Better communication system-wide

For the Poison Control Center, Diagnotes expedites communication between poison control staff and providers, from poison control providers to hospital providers, from providers to specialists, from providers to patient units, and from providers to pharmacy or lab. Depending upon the case, additional meaningful information is funneled from the Health Information Exchange (HIE) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) into the virtual patient room. The Toxicologist responding and providing care will frequently follow up with the hospitalist (if the patient has been admitted) and/or other specialists involved in their care.. Likewise, communication via Diagnotes back to the Tier 1 team is essential for completeness of EMR documentation.

Dr. Nañagas notes “We no longer have a fragmented system…instead, Diagnotes provides us superior accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and flow of essential information.”

About Diagnotes

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