Takeaways from HIMSS 21

Notes from HIMSS 21

By J Mark Hamilton, Diagnotes Collaboration Solutions 

The impact of Be the Change

The theme of HIMSS 21 was Be the Change, which closely aligns with Diagnotes technology and mission.

Be the Change means addressing the revolution in how healthcare consumers wish to engage with providers. COVID19 has taught us all that it is possible to accelerate care through virtual multidisciplinary collaboration. Our clients see enhanced opportunities to engage consumers who wish to become active participants in their healthcare. If provider teams collaborate and share dynamic care plans in secure ways with those we serve, everyone wins. 

Key concepts from HIMSS 21 

  • Thought leaders agree that “Digital” is now just a Buzzword
  • The real change in our digital world is reimagining how to support the organizations’ most valuable asset: the healthcare workforce. The Diagnotes platform facilitates team collaboration, reduces alert fatigue, informs patient handoffs, and accelerates the patient encounter process with telemedicine capabilities. Leveraging a patient’s own mobile phone, caregivers can provide care via text, voice and video to manage conditions remotely, minimizing the burden of crisis management.
  • Lessons from the pandemic validated “Yes We Can”. Caregiver teams that traditionally rounded at the bedside have found ways to huddle virtually. Diagnotes connects service lines, breaking down communication and treatment delays. With our technology, our healthcare clients successfully accelerate their workflow on a daily basis. Imagine “being the change” by consistently reducing average length of stay by just one day. 
  • A consistent message from HIMSS 21 was to create trust with the population we serve. If the health consumer trusts that their private information is safe and protected within your organization, they will engage. Diagnotes is the only healthcare messaging platform to protect communications data with blockchain, guided by the insights from the CISO of one of our academic medical center clients. Blockchain is now becoming a reality with a number of emerging Payer, Provider, and Business Consortiums. 

About Diagnotes

Diagnotes is a messaging platform for health systems that goes beyond secure texting. Our mobile platform accelerates clinical communication and gives your care teams the power to collaborate seamlessly in real time. Health systems using Diagnotes optimize their efficiency, while increasing clinician and patient satisfaction.


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