Sherry Henricks CEO

Diagnotes names Sherry Henricks as new CEO

Current Diagnotes Chief Commercial Officer Sherry Henricks, MBA, RRT is taking over as CEO from co-founder Dave Wortman.

After 10+ years as CEO of Diagnotes, co-founder Dave Wortman has decided to step down. “Now that the next generation of Diagnotes has been launched and our clients are seeing its benefits, and the right team is in place, I feel confident the company is well positioned for the future,” said Dave.

Dave will continue to work with Diagnotes as a member of the Board of Directors.

About Sherry Henricks

Sherry holds an MBA, has a strong clinical background, and over 30 years of leadership roles with innovative healthcare businesses. She has a proven track record as a senior executive who has grown and positioned companies for expansion and acquisition, with successes including Emergin, Inc. and Extension Healthcare.

A shared vision

Sherry and Dave share a deep commitment to technology that truly improves both patient and clinician experience. Sherry’s clinical background gives her first hand insight into the unique challenges health systems face.

Sherry notes that “When we provide the right tools for clinical communication and collaboration, care teams are able to work together more efficiently for better patient safety and outcomes.”

Diagnotes: the next generation

Diagnotes is a messaging platform for health systems that accelerates clinical communication and gives care teams the power to collaborate seamlessly in real time.

Launched last year, the next generation of Diagnotes has now been enthusiastically accepted by clients, with licensing and workflows continuing to grow. It delivers a smart, simple virtual workspace that clinicians access on their mobile phones. In addition, it enables clinicians and patients to communicate seamlessly by text, voice or video. Clients using Diagnotes have seen improved clinician satisfaction and patient engagement.