Measuring the ROI of your secure messaging investment


The trend is clear: health systems are rapidly investing in secure messaging platforms. 85% of hospitals are engaging secure communication platforms between care teams, patients and families, according to a survey by Black Book Market Research. And 96% of those hospitals are budgeting for and/or investing in more advanced platforms that facilitate clinical collaboration.

Basic vs advanced platforms

Health systems have a choice when they consider secure messaging platforms. They can opt for a stand-alone system that offers only secure text messaging. Or they can choose an advanced platform that integrates with EHRs and other systems, and brings together providers to collaborate in real time across units and disciplines.

According to Gartner Research, “Requirements to support greater care team collaboration needs are rendering stand-alone secure messaging obsolete. Health delivery organization CIOs should phase out stand-alone secure messaging systems and phase in care team collaboration and coordination platforms.”

The need for ROI

In today’s complex and urgent healthcare environment, how do you justify your investment in a communications platform? In particular, how do you compare the ROI of a basic platform versus an advanced communication platform? We have found that a key measure for evaluating ROI is comparing clinician user rates.

Here’s why: A messaging platform has no value if it fails to be utilized by the clinicians it’s meant to serve. So the greater the number of clinicians who embrace a platform, the more successful your investment.

Diagnotes has anonymized data showing average monthly user rates with basic texting, and then after the introduction of our advanced messaging platform. In addition, the data shows increases in message volume that indicate that the advanced features of Diagnotes, such as collaboration and telehealth, are being utilized.

Regional health system

Academic health center

Takeaways from the data

Based on the data, an advanced messaging platform such as Diagnotes delivers substantial growth in both user rates and message volume over basic texting. The result: a higher ROI for your health system.

But Diagnotes has more than metrics. Here’s what our clinician users have to say:

“Using Diagnotes in the ED for handling hospitalist consult requests was an instant hit. Anyone who wasn’t using it was asking when they could start.”
– Health System CMIO

“Diagnotes instantaneously breaks down barriers by allowing us to communicate with anyone.”
– Home Health Services Executive Director

“If you put Diagnotes in the hands of clinicians, they will do amazing things with it.”
– Health System Chief Medical Officer

About Diagnotes

Designed by actual clinicians, Diagnotes is a healthcare-specific platform that helps manage the complexity and urgency of today’s clinical environment. In addition to providing secure communications and telehealth, we deliver a virtual workspace that brings together providers to collaborate across units and disciplines. For health systems, Diagnotes replaces multiple point solutions with a single platform that elevates their efficiency, while increasing clinician and patient satisfaction.


Test drive the secure texting platform that delivers:

89% faster on-call consults
48% reduction in readmittance
$700k in savings