Enhanced video calls on Diagnotes for anyone with a mobile number

Shot of a senior woman using a mobile phone in a retirement home

I talk to customers frequently. Across clinical functions, physicians and their teams understand that optimal patient care is complex. The more science and medicine progress, the more providers need to know. That means more consults and referrals.

Diagnotes users increasingly need to connect quickly with people outside their hospital’s walls—from medical specialists to public health administrators to patients, their families, and external healthcare aides. Add COVID-19 policies, and often team members at the same facility have little opportunity to confer in-person. We had to extend the enterprise value of Diagnotes clinical communication and collaboration. 

With enhanced Video Call, released this month, all our customers can initiate secure, high-quality ad hoc video and voice communications to anyone with a mobile phone number, without an app and without latency. Experts at other hospitals, nursing facility staff, home health professionals, and discharged patients respond to a Video Invite through a web browser on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device for a HIPAA-compliant audio or video call.

To initiate a Video Call, click on the CALLS tab, then the NEW INVITE button to the right.

Video Invites can include text, or you can send just the auto-generated URL, without a message. Invitees will receive a SMS text message asking them to check into the sender’s Diagnotes Waiting Room. Once the invitee has checked in, the Diagnotes user receives a notification and can begin the call. It’s just that easy.

Each Video Invite is active for 2 days. When the recipient clicks on the link, he or she goes to the sender’s waiting room and doesn’t become engaged until the Diagnotes user admits him or her from the Waiting Room.

This upgrade is an integral part of Diagnotes. It continues our commitment to bring modern communication and collaboration tools to the platform.

Use Diagnotes Video Calls for:

  • Virtual visits with patients 
  • Real-time coordination with partners and affiliates
  • Consults with specialists

We plan to expand Video Calls with:

  • User notification and check-in options
  • Capability for the Diagnotes user to click on a mobile phone number from anywhere in Diagnotes, including from Diagnotes Rooms

Dave is Chairman, CEO and Co-founder of Diagnotes, a digital health leader providing a clinical communication and collaboration platform that connects doctors, patients and their care teams.


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