Diagnotes is Helping Health Systems Address the Coronavirus Crisis

As the US COVID-19 crisis grows, several health systems in Indiana are using the sophisticated healthcare collaboration and telehealth features of Diagnotes to facilitate the screening and treatment of patients and reduce the risk of spreading the virus or exposing high-risk groups. With Diagnotes, they are able to streamline infectious disease workflows, decrease the number of patients with non-life threatening COVID-19 symptoms coming to the hospital and other healthcare facilities, and keep personal protective equipment for those in greatest need. Their actions offer the potential to decrease the number of people who get the coronavirus, slow the infection rate and avoid over-taxing hospitals and care teams.

As a long-time user of Diagnotes, Hancock Health is utilizing Diagnotes’ telehealth capabilities to see patients virtually via video visits, thus eliminating the risk of exposure. As a result, patients who are potential carriers or are vulnerable remain at home while still being able to get the help they need. Patients receive top-quality care, and Hancock healthcare clinicians, staff and other patients are insulated from any unnecessary exposure, thereby minimizing the risk of spread. This also allows Hancock to conserve high-demand personal protective equipment that is so critical to the safety and well-being of healthcare professionals.

“The number of COVID-19 cases is growing rapidly. Our healthcare systems aren’t equipped to handle a pandemic of this magnitude. The demand is over-taxing our healthcare facilities, professionals and supplies,” said Dave Wortman, CEO of Diagnotes. “Hancock very proactively began to think outside the box to develop the safest, most effective approach to dealing with this virus. By utilizing Diagnotes, Hancock has insulated their team from unnecessary exposure and are also doing their part to help slow the spread of this disease. The best-case scenario in a situation like this is to allow people who are high-risk or have symptoms of the coronavirus to stay in their homes when possible while having a physician oversee their care.”

For another health system, Diagnotes is central to handling the unprecedented numbers of patients needing to be seen and screened for COVID-19. Leveraging the collaboration capabilities of Diagnotes and its integration into the hospital’s EHR, an automated infectious disease notification process was deployed in less than 24 hours. Once the patient is determined to be displaying multiple risk factors, the infection prevention team at the correct hospital or clinic is automatically alerted. Because the Diagnotes virtual infection control room is populated with the patient’s information, a nurse triage team can further assess and determine whether or not an infection prevention physician is needed. This entire automated process happens in seconds, so patients can be quarantined more quickly, medical personnel can be notified to wear full PPE before interacting with the patient, the burden on the infection prevention team is lessened, and infectious prevention physician capacity is increased.

Wortman added, “We are proud that our software is making a real, life-changing difference. I’m extremely proud of our clients and our team. The speed at which everyone has pivoted to develop an approach to provide healthcare in the midst of a global pandemic is truly amazing.”


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