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In healthcare, real-time communication can be a matter of life or death.
Clinicians need tools that intuitively mirror their workflow.

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Empower Internal Teams

Empower Internal Teams

With continuous data-sharing through customized workflows and workspaces
Connect with Partners & Affiliates

Connect with Partners & Affiliates

Through real-time triage collaboration and consults in patient- or service line-specific virtual Rooms
Streamline & Automate Workflows

Streamline & Automate Workflows

With clinician-initiated and automated alerts reaching the right people at the right time
Engage with Patients

Engage with Patients

With patient information integrated in Patient Rooms discussions and real-time access to patients through a dedicated app

Achievement of the
quadruple aim

By focusing on effective, team-based communication and collaboration that mirrors natural workflows, the burden on medical professionals is eased, patient care is enhanced, and ultimately costs go down from increased productivity and reduced readmission rates.
Quadruple Aim
Diagnotes Process

One Powerful Solution

  • Facilitates real-time communication
  • Provides virtual visit capabilities
  • Creates a seamless referral process
  • Identifies on-call healthcare professionals
  • Reduces the risk of medical errors
  • Facilitates patient-specified care
  • Automates workflow efficiencies
  • Decreases readmittance rates
  • Increases patient and staff satisfaction
  • Utilizes stringent security best practices
  • Integrates with EHR
  • Encourages team-based collaboration

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